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  • October 13, 2015 10:40 | Simone Oude Luttikhuis

    Science section: We welcome all researchers of relevant peer-reviewed publications to summarize their best work of the year in laymen terms. Learn more »

    Business section: Platinum and Gold NMSBA members have the opportunity to showcase their best case of the year. Learn more »

  • September 21, 2015 11:53 | Simone Oude Luttikhuis

    Big news about the Neuromarketing World Forum in Dubai April 4-6, 2016!

    1. Ask Ariely: Dan Ariely will answer your questions! Send your pressing questions about branding, marketing or decision making today. We will select the best questions and Dan Ariely will answer them on video during the forum.

    2. Burj al Arab: The official conference dinner will be held at the only 7* hotel in the world. On April 5th, you will be wining, dining and meeting new colleagues in the iconic Burj al Arab.

    Make sure to register for THE neuromarketing gathering in 2016 at

  • September 09, 2015 09:53 | Carla Nagel (Administrator)
    Science section: We welcome all researchers of relevant peer-reviewed publications to summarize their best work of the year in laymen terms. Learn more »

    Business section: personal and corporate NMSBA members have the opportunity to showcase their best case of the year. Learn more »

    Both sections are filled on a first-come first-published base, so make sure your contribution is the first!
  • August 18, 2015 14:52 | Carla Nagel (Administrator)
    Neuromarketing & Food
    Issue #14 of Neuromarketing Theory & Practice is dedicated to neuromarketing and food. Are you interested in contributing to this issue, read the submission guidelines here
    . Note that the deadline for submissions September 15.

  • August 15, 2015 14:50 | Carla Nagel (Administrator)
    The call for submissions for speaking at the fifth edition of the Neuromarketing World Forum 2016 (April 4-6 in Dubai, UAE) is ending on August 31.
    Learn more »

  • August 14, 2015 08:37 | Simone Oude Luttikhuis
    Last week, the latest edition of the only publication on neuromarketing, Neuromarketing Theory & Practice (NTP), is released.

    With articles on the symbolic meaning of brands, neuromarketing vs. big data, neuromarketing and agencies and interviews with Joe Willke, Carl Marci, David Forbes and Kimberly Clark we think it is one of the best editions so far.

    NTP is included in most NMSBA memberships. Join now to get immediate access to this issue (and previous editions).
  • July 08, 2015 15:51 | Simone Oude Luttikhuis
    With our fast growing community of student members, the Neuromarketing Science & Business Association decided to start a Student Council to better serve and understand the needs of our student community. The three members of the Student Council will be appointed by our Board of Directors. Student members of the NMSBA can send their resume and motivation to before September 15, 2015.
    For more information, term and other information please visit:
    If you have any questions, our team is delighted to answer them. Mail
  • July 03, 2015 08:55 | Simone Oude Luttikhuis
    NEW: Online Only Membership for Students
    We are aware of the fact that students live on a shoestring budget, so we opened online only student memberships today! For only €29 / year you are involved in our community. This might be of interest for those who have the ambition to become more active in our community, as we will launch a Student Council this September (more info will follow)!

    NMSBA Student Memberships are available for full time students studying fields related to neuromarketing, like neuro economics, behavioral economics, neuroscience, behavioral neuroscience, market research, advertising or marketing. Compare the plans here and join today! 
  • June 23, 2015 10:58 | Simone Oude Luttikhuis

    This autumn, innovative shopper marketers gather in Amsterdam for the third edition of the successful Shopper Brain Conference. This year with speakers from LEGO and Unilever and contributions of David Lewis, Kimberly Clark, Malaika Brengman and more. Review the full agenda 

    But there is more...

    In only 1 year the Shopper Brain Conference goes Chicago. On June 23-24, 2016 US retailers, shopper marketing experts and neuromarketers will gather in the mid west. 


    This conference applies 'a year full of mini-early birds' - the earlier you book, the better your price. From today onwards, the price will increase with $1 per day ($2 for a full conference pass) until the first day of the event. Today you pay $200 for a full conference pass! This is a huge discount, as the regular price for a full conference pass is $932.

    Read more information about both editions of the Shopper Brain Conference at

    Register Now for Chicago 2016

  • June 08, 2015 15:18 | Simone Oude Luttikhuis
    Neuromarketing in Your Country
    The NMSBA has members in 91 local countries and counting. To better serve these communities, we just launched ‘country pages’. These pages include a local directory listing of neuromarketing companies, upcoming events and educational programs. Colombia, Denmark, the Netherlands and Portugal are already published (click here). Contact your local chair to launch a local page in your country, or register your company here if it's missing in our directory.

    Help the ARF to reveal Insights on Cross-Platform Interactions
    The ARF just released a call for proposals on consumer insights related to cross-platform interactions. In our opinion, an opportunity to showcase the USP of neuromarketing research. Read more about the requirements here.

    AUCTION: Back Cover Advertisement in Neuromarketing Theory & Practice #13
    We offer the unique opportunity to bid for a back cover ad in our quarterly Neuromarketing Theory & Practice (NTP) Issue #13, starting with 99 Euro cents. We will contact the highest bidder next week to work out the details. Go to our LinkedIn community, place your bid now and maybe your organization will shine on the back of NTP next month!

    20 Euro discount on NMSBA Membership Plans
    A paid membership of the Neuromarketing Science & Business Association (NMSBA) will bring you knowledge, an international network and access to the latest news on neuromarketing globally. Join us before June 30 and receive a discount of €20 on all paid plans! Go to use the discount code SCIENCE&BUSINESS and join today! 

    Shopper Brain Conference
    The third edition of the successful Shopper Brain Conference is planned on October 15-16. This conference is the only international event that connects retail with neuromarketing. A year full of mini early birds is applied, so if you register today you’ll get a 258 euro discount.

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