Neuromarketing Science & Business Association (NMSBA)

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  • January 01, 2013 11:27 | Carla Nagel (Administrator)

    ESTIME EstudiosIntegrales de Mercado has announced a merger with NeurobiomarketingSpA to form ESTIMENeurobiomarketing Americas with headquarters in Caracas, Venezuela. The new company –a successful consumer’s NeuroInsight Lab with full capabilities of EEG, GSR, fNIRS, ET and HRV equipment tied to proprietary neuropsychology modeling and teamed with a dedicated group of highly skilled cognitive neuropsychologists and industry specific experts. Thanks to an academic, yet commercially focused approach, the company has rapidly expanded to operate in Spain, Mexico, Venezuela and Argentina, as well as former studies in Italy, Portugal, South Africa and the US.

  • December 22, 2012 08:53 | Anonymous

    The end of 2012 and the beginning of a new and exiting year!
    It is the end of the year and it we are proud what we have reached so far. Only officially founded in the beginning of 2012, we have grown to a solid association of 159 members in 36 different countries!
    For 2013 we have trust and enthusiasm to continue our work to push the field of neuromarketing further. 
    We want to thank you, members and others with a professional interest in Neuromarketing for everything! Without your help, support and enthusiasm the activities below would not have been possible.

    If you would like to support us in 2013, please join us ( or invest in a sponsorship ( For now: all the best wishes from me and the staff and hope to inform, engage, meet and inspire you in the 2013!

    Carla Nagel
    Director, NMSBA

    31 January 2012: 
    Announcement of our new elected local chairs in Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Canada,  China, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Panama, Peru,  Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey, UK, USA. These people are on for a term of three years. Every year we have elections in January. In 2013 we will welcome at least 5 new local representatives, but still 168 countries are not represented yet. If you consider becoming a local chair, do not wait to long. We can process bio submissions until 3 January 2013.
    More information:

    2 February 2012: 
    First edition of the Neuromarketing World Forum: 108 participants from 31 different countries gather in ice-cold Amsterdam for a warm and successful meeting.
    For pictures and videos: 

    Neuromarketing World Forum

    7 March 2012:
    The Members of the NMSBA finished the Board elections, and have voted the following people in the NMSBA Board of Directors for the term 2012-2015:
    ·         Richard Silberstein (president)
    ·         Gemma Calvert
    ·         Christophe Morin
    ·         Martin de Munnik
    ·         Rafal Ohme

    1 April 2012:
    Release of the first edition of Neuromarketing Theory & Practice


    23 April 2012:
    Launch of the job board on the NMSBA website:
    23 June 2012:
    Sao Paulo chosen as next edition for the annual meeting:

    World Forum

    4 July 2012:
    Launch of 2nd editon of Neuromarketing Theory & Practice
    2 October 2012
    Launch of the NMSBA Facebook Group:
    2 October 2012
    Start of the competition to find young neuromarketing talent: Neurotalent of the Year: . Submissions possible until 2 February 2013


    29 October 2012:
    Dutch NMSBA Members welcome Eric du Plessis in Amsterdam
    7 November 2012:
    Launch of the Neuromarketing Ethical Code
    26 November 2012:
    Neuromarketing Theory & Pracitce: release of issue #3

    1 December 2012:
    Launch of the first industry award: Neuromarketing Golden Vault: Submissions possible until: 14 February 2013
    11 December 2012:
    Launch of neuromarketing Education Directory which must provide an answer to the most popular question at our office: where to study neuromarketing?
    20 December 2012:
    Status as of today 159 members in 36 countries!

    NMSBA members

    What's Next?
    Join us and/or support us in 2013!!!!
  • December 18, 2012 08:52 | Anonymous
    The NMSBA has a local representative in 27 countries (elections are organized in 4 countries in the month of January 2013, see bold entries below). 

    If your background fits into the local chair profile, and your country not in the list below, please consider becoming a local chair candidate yourself. For the 2013 elections it is possible to submit your profile before 3 January 2013, because we only have elections once a year.

    It is the chairperson’s responsibility to fulfill the role of ambassador for the NMSBA in his or her country. The local chairperson will know his/her way around the association and will be spokesperson for local debates on the discipline. 
    • Argentina: Nestor Braidot - Ceo Braidot Brain Decision Centre
    • Australia: Phil Harris - Lecturer In Marketing Dept Management And Marketing, The University Of Melbourne
    • Brazil: Marcelo Peruzzo - Ceo, Ipdois Neurobusiness
    • Belgium: Arnaud Petre - Managing Director, Brain Impact Ltd.
    • Canada: Diana Lucaci - Founder & Ceo, True Impact Marketing
    • Chile: Daniel Alcayaga - Managing Director, Mindresearch (local chair candidate)
    • Chile: Juan Pablo Rodriguez - Ceo, Eye On Media (local chair candidate)
    • China: Ruihong Tang - General Manager, Brain Intelligence Neuro-Consultancy Ltd
    • Colombia: Carlos Gutierrez - Partner, Emoxional
    • Denmark: Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy - Head Of Research, Decision Neuroscience Research Group, Copenhagen Business School
    • France: Etienne Bressoud - Marketing Sciences Director, BVA
    • Germany: Bernd Weber - Boardmember Center For Economics And Neuroscience, University Of Bonn
    • Italy: Arianna Trettel - Ceo, Brainsigns S.R.L.
    • Japan: Kenji Onodera - R&D Director, Hakuhodo
    • Mexico: Jaime Romano - Managing Director, Neuromarketing Sa De Cv
    • Netherlands: Joris van Amerom - Managing Director/Partner, LaMarque
    • Panama: Alejandro J. Fernandez - Director, Phocus Branding
    • Peru: Christiam Mendez - New Business Development Director, Synovate
    • Poland: Michał Matukin - Scientific Director, Human Mind & Brain – Applied Research Center
    • Portugal: Juan Reynolds - Managing Partner, Qveus Consumption Situations Modelling
    • Romania: Gabriela Marcu - Lecturer Economic Psycholgy And Consumer Behavior, Lucian Blaga University Of Sibiu
    • Spain: Monica Déza Pulido - Innovation Vice  President, Mccann Worldgroup
    • Sweden: Johanna Fyrbjörk - Cs Director, Ipsos Interactive Service (local chair candidate)
    • Turkey: Dr. Yener Girisken - Managing Partner, Thinkneuro
    • UAE: Ianna Francesca Contardo De Martinez - Assoc. Dean, Sp Jain Education Fz Llc (local chair candidate)
    • United Kingdom: Phil Barden - Managing Director, Decode Marketing Ltd
    • USA: Elissa Moses - Evp Neuroscience And Emotion, Ipsos
    • Venezuela: Walter Mucchiut - Founder And Ceo At Estime – Esmefar (local chair candidate)
    To view the full profiles of our local representatives:
  • December 10, 2012 08:50 | Anonymous

    Members can upload an official NMSBA Membership badge to their website or blog or other profile pages. Please contact us to receive the code snippet to integrate the badge in your website.

  • December 03, 2012 08:49 | Anonymous

    Become a member today and receive the third issue of the quarterly magazine Neuromarketing Theory & Practice in your mailbox. In this issue:

    • Interview with Hilke Plassmann
    • Eyetracking: diagnosing what's causing miscommunication
    • Research update: fMRI Analysis with Multivariate Pattern Analysis

    and much more! Want to receive the latest issue in your mailbox? Join now! 

  • November 23, 2012 08:47 | Anonymous

    Win €3000 (euro) Cash and a free ticket to the Neuromarketing World ForumIs the outcome of your research valuable for business? Do you like to meet the neuromarketing industry and tell them about what your work? Then enter the Neurotalent of the Year 2013 competition!

    Review all 2013 Submissions


    The Competition is open to students focused on consumer neuroscience, neuroeconomics, marketing, market research, neuromarketing or other relevant studies. They should provide a copy of their valid student ID with the submission form.


    To enter, write a paper of maximum length 2 A4 that describes your approach, methods, outcomes and practical consequences for business. Include it in the online submission form and optionally include a video as a teaser for your research of maximum 90 seconds before 1 February 2014.

    Your submission will be published on the NMSBA Website on

    Optional video content:

    • Explains why your research is of immeasurable value to business
    • Must provide information about your own research
    • Is presented by you - the person who will present the research in case of winning the contest

    The three winners will receive a free ticket to the Neuromarketing World Forum*, as well as the opportunity to present their research in a 10 minute elevator pitch on the main stage.


    The participant with the highest number of Facebook likes and two participants chosen by NEUROHM and NMSBA become together the three finalists. From the three winners, the NMSBA and NEUROHM will choose the Neurotalent of the Year 2013, who will also receive a € 3000,- (three thousand euro) cash bonus.

    All three winners receive professional training for their presentation during their stay in New York. 

    All participants will receive the information about the winners at 4 February 2014 latest. For more information contact the NMSBA office on

    *Already booked your ticket? Do not worry. You get a refund in case you'll win the competition!


    By submitting an entry, participant represents and warrants that all information participants enter is true and complete to the best of participant’s knowledge.



    It is our mission to bridge the gap between science and business. In the next edition of the Neuromarketing World Forum, the three winners will have the opportunity to present their work on the main stage of the conference. It is their task to inspire the audience with their research. The focus should be on the business side: why is your research valuable for business? 

    The Neurotalent of the Year 2014 is sponsored by NEUROHM.
  • November 09, 2012 08:41 | Carla Nagel (Administrator)

    On 9 November 2012 the NMSBA announces the Neuromarketing Code of Ethics. The code represents a first step towards adopting international standards applied to using neuroscientific methods to study the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, packaging and product design, as well as communication campaigns from non-profit organizations and government institutions.
    The purpose of a Code of Ethics for the neuromarketing industry is to address three important issues:

    • Restore the confidence of the public in the legitimacy and integrity of neuromarketers
    • Ensure neuromarketers protect the privacy of research participants
    • Protect the buyers of neuromarketing services

    NMSBA members will respect these principles as a condition of membership. 
    The full code can be read on:

    For more information or questions, contact us at

  • November 02, 2012 08:39 | Carla Nagel (Administrator)

    It is possible to become a student member of the NMSBA for a reduced membership fee of 89 euro. NMSBA student membership is open for all students and PhD students with a relevant background (like neuromarketing, neuroscience, marketing, communication, economics, etc). 

    If you are interested in joining the NMSBA as a student, including reduced membership fee, please send:

    1. a copy of your student ID 
    2. the expected year of graduation
    3. name and category of your program
    4. name of the institute to

    On approval, you´ll receive within 3 working days a personal student verification code you can use for registration as a student member.

    Classification Membership requirements Rights, benefits and limitations Financial implications
    Student member - Interest in field
    - Evidence of tertiary education enrolment at undergraduate or postgraduate level.
    - Reduced registration fees
    - Neuromarketing Magazine
    - No voting for office barears
    - 89 euro / year, including taxes
    - 50% discount on NMSBA activities
  • October 15, 2012 08:37 | Carla Nagel (Administrator)

    Do you want to exchange links and ideas about neuromarketing? Join our public Facebook group on:

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