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Submission Guidelines for Insights Magazine

Would you like to contribute to Insights Magazine? Please take the following submission guidelines into account.

Target Audience: Our readers consist of marketers, purchasers of neuromarketing research, neuromarketing practitioners, and academics engaged in marketing and consumer research, all with a shared interest in neuromarketing. Authors are expected to assume that readers are familiar with the field of neuromarketing and its related principles and terminology and write their articles accordingly.

Content: Insights Magazine aims to publish articles that are scientifically rigorous, informative, and relevant to the neuromarketing industry. The following topics are of particular interest:

  • Neuromarketing research findings and applications
  • Innovations in neuromarketing methodologies
  • Practical considerations in neuromarketing
  • Insights and best practices for marketing and consumer research
  • Opinion pieces that provide insightful and thought-provoking perspectives on the neuromarketing industry or related topics

Format: Articles should be well-structured and easy to read, including a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Authors should provide adequate background information and context to make the article accessible to the target audience.

Scientific Validity: It is important that the information presented in the content is based on reliable and peer-reviewed sources, following the principles of scientific inquiry and accuracy.

Clear & Useful: The content should be clearly written and effectively communicate its intended message, providing practical and relevant information to the reader.

News Value: The content should strive to be current and relevant to current events, engagingly presenting new and noteworthy information.

Relevance: The content should be relevant to the target audience, addressing topics that are of interest and value to them.

Educational: The content should aim to educate and inform the reader, providing new knowledge and insights that can broaden their understanding and perspective on the topic.

Objective: The content should maintain an objective and informative tone, avoiding any excessive promotion or sales-oriented language

Formatting the Article

Submit your article to insights@nmsba.com according to the following format

  • Submit the article in Microsoft Word format
  • Font should be 11-point Arial, whether in normal, bold, or italic, including endnotes. Please do not insert line breaks in the text or special spacing for formatting.
  • Articles should be between 1000-1500 words.
  • Accompanying images should be delivered separately from the text in 300 DPI resolution
  • Any references should be mentioned as endnotes in the article
  • Insert your name, e-mail address, and one or two sentences about yourself at the end of the text.

Rights and Permission
It is the responsibility of the author to obtain permission for the use of any copyrighted material. 


Note: These guidelines are subject to change, and the editor reserves the right to make changes as needed to maintain the high standards of Insights Magazine.