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Research Coordinator Position at Temple University

By Vinod Venkatraman

The Center for Applied Research in Decision Making at the Fox School of Business (PIs Vinod Venkatraman and Crystal Reeck) is looking for a research coordinator.  


CARD investigates the neurobiological basis of human behavior, consumer preferences, and decision making.   

This position will offer a dynamic and interdisciplinary research experience, combining multimodal research techniques using fMRI, eye tracking, and biometrics (heart rate, skin conductance). Primary duties entail scheduling and overseeing data collection and analysis in different neurophysiological methodologies. The coordinator will also assist in the upkeep and maintenance of the various research equipment at the center. Other responsibilities include preparation and submission of human subject protocols and progress reports, data entry, and basic data analysis.   

The candidate will also assist the Director in collating and responding to funding opportunities. As Research Coordinator, the candidate will also coordinate schedules for other undergraduate research assistants at the center, observe compliance of work rules, and coordinate project schedules with graduate students and researchers at the center. The position offers training that can help prepare the coordinator for graduate school in a range of fields, including psychology, business, and marketing.  

The position requires a Bachelor’s degree in a related field and experience working with human subjects. Knowledge of any neuroscience-based data methods (eye tracking, GSR, heart rate, EEG, fMRI) and/or coding and familiarity with software packages (i.e. Matlab, PsychoPy, SPSS, STATA, SAS, or R) will be a plus for this position. 


For more information and to apply to the position, please contact vinod.venkatraman@temple.edu. Please include “Research Coordinator Position” in the subject line.