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Sensum Adds to Neuromarketing Offer

By Carla Nagel
industry news

UK-based software solutions firm Sensum has upgraded its Sensum Insights neuromarketing solution, to include facial-recognition, eye-tracking & implicit testing technology - a first for a self-service solution, the company says.

Sensum promises clients a clear overview of an audience's emotional response to content, products or experiences, via an online platform which combines data from traditional research with non-conscious data from wearable devices & biometric sensors. 

Uses include understanding an audience's emotional responses to media, messaging, visuals and pricing. Clients can incorporate facial recognition and eye-tracking within traditional surveys; add additional data streams such as sweat response (GSR), motion and heart-rate data; track results in real-time; and instantly visualize, compare and download graphs & results. 

CEO & co-founder Gawain Morrison comments: 'The ability to build a truly personalized relationship with consumers is what enables brands to not just survive, but thrive. We've specifically developed Sensum Insights to help marketers, creative agencies & researchers be able to do this in the most efficient, cost-effective and in-depth way possible'. 

Web site: www.sensum.co .