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Job openings at Ipsos Neuro and Behavioral Science Center

By Simone Oude Luttikhuis
industry news

Would you like to work in Neuromarketing? Check out the below opportunities at Ipsos Neuro and Behavioral Science Center:

Scientific Director, Neuro and Behavioral Science R&D

Location: New York, New York

Position Description: To lead Neuro and Behavioral Science R&D with curiosity, drive and scientific rigor, spanning focus on developing new knowledge regarding the process of consumer decision making and response to all aspects of marketing stimuli. The position includes evaluation of new methods, development of tools and applications; establishment of metric dashboards and advanced neuro analytics. The Scientific Director is also encouraged to contribute to industry knowledge through publishing and serve as consultant to the organization and clients. Positon leads an R&D team and reports to the Ipsos CEO of Neuro and Behavioral Science.

Requirements: PhD in Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Behavioral Economics or related field, plus experience working with market research applications using nonconscious measurement techniques especially Implicit Reaction Time Testing, Biometrics, EEG, Facial Coding and Eye Tracking. Required are strong statistic, design and analytic skills plus excellent written and verbal communications and highest ethical standards. The ideal candidate has sound judgment, talent and drive for innovation, humor and openness to travel.

About Ipsos: Ipsos is one of the largest market research companies with offices in 87 countries. Our Neuro and Behavioral Science Center focuses on nonconscious measurement and developing methodologies and thought leadership across the organization and to multinational clients worldwide. Our services span communications testing, concept, product and sensory testing, brand health, loyalty, tracking, public affairs, etc.

Applications for the above position can be sent to Elissa Moses


Director or VP, Neuro and Behavioral Science R&D

Location: New York, New York

Position Description: The Director or Vice President, Neuro & Behavioral Sciences is a subject specialist in Neuro or System 1 applications to market research. The Director/VP will be a leader and steward of consumer neuroscience research projects for global clients and internal research & development to establish new techniques, products and approaches within the space of non-conscious emotional measurement and its applications to the field of market research.

As a seasoned researcher with a strong System 1 academic foundation (neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, behavioral sciences, psychology, behavioral economics) and experience with neuromarketing methods such as (implicit reaction time, biometrics, EEG, facial coding, etc.) the position will leverage academic and industry experience to deliver cutting edge research programs and present complex, insight driven results to clients.

The ideal candidate possesses a depth of applied neuromarketing and market research industry experience as well as a strong relevant academic foundation. The candidate has excellent written and oral communication skills as well as a potential to publish/present at conferences, develop or grow their industry presence and a willingness to travel domestically and internationally. This position is based in New York or Connecticut.


· Advanced degree in Cognitive Neuroscience, Psychology, Sociology, Neuroscience, Statistics, Neuro Economics or related field

Related neuromarketing or behavioral science application industry experience

Experience with fundamental market research verticals including copy testing, package testing, concept/new product development, shopper insights, etc.

Experience applying biometrics, EEG, Eye-Tracking, Facial Coding, Implicit or other neuro/System 1 tools to market research

5+ years of experience

Ability to analyze and synthesize highly complex and varied data sets; to bring the data to life through story-telling and provide meaningful, action oriented recommendations to clients; design and communicate complex methodologies to internal and external clients/constituents

Innate curiosity, independent thinking, innovative tendencies, sound judgement and intellectual honesty

Applications for the above position can be sent to Jessica Reiter