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SP Jain School to set up neuro-marketing centre at Singapore Campus

By Simone Oude Luttikhuis
industry news

NEW DELHI: Australian business degree school SP Jain School of Global Management is setting up an advanced neuro-marketing centre at its Singapore campus in the next two months. With this, the school aims to bring market research by introducing scientific study of the correlation of commercials and the emotions evoked by them.

The lab, which will come at an undisclosed cost which the school did not disclose to ET, is being set up under Dr Nicolas Hamelin who has about 10 years of experience in marketing, consumer behaviour and advertising research.

This will aim to provide researchers, marketing executives and managers with modern scientific tools and practical know-how to better understand consumers' emotional responses, attention, memory and decision making processes.

"The advancement in cognitive and neuro-science have revealed that the subconscious and emotions play a big role in decision-making. Since a consumer's decision process mostly take place is the unconscious, it is important that the industry looks beyond traditional market research. Traditionally it was based on questionnaires," Hamelin told ET.