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An Industry First

By Simone Oude Luttikhuis
industry news


source: realeyes

Realeyes has licensed their leading emotion measurement technology to Virool as the basis of their ground-breaking eIQ product. For the first time ever, brands will be able to know exactly how their content is affecting consumer engagement live in session using Live Emotion Measurement.





How It Works

No need for a sample test audience as people opt-in from their own device wherever and whenever they’re watching, making the data collection instant for the brand and seamless for the viewer. 

Emotion data is collected in real-time and instantly reported online, enabling brands to see how real audiences respond within a single dashboard and react to their content performance as it’s happening.

Curious? Check out the demo.

How It’s Used

Getting emotion data in real-time enables brands to know which creative is performing well, and which demographic segment is best responding, making in-flight optimization fast and simple. You can also use it for pre and post-campaign analysis, from A/B testing multiple creatives, to measuring overall performance.

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