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Tobii Pro acquires UK reseller Acuity ETS and research agency Acuity Intelligence

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Tobii has entered an agreement to acquire Acuity ETS, the largest reseller of Tobii Pro’s research solutions, and Acuity Intelligence, a neuroscience-based research and consultancy firm. The acquisition is aimed at strengthening Tobii Pro by enabling direct sales of products and services in the United Kingdom. The Acuity businesses will be integrated into the Tobii Pro business unit, global leader in eye-tracking research solutions.

Based in the United Kingdom, Acuity ETS serves a range of businesses and the academic community with eye tracking research solutions. Acuity Intelligence has extensive experience in cognitive and behavioral research methods and conducts eye tracking studies on behalf of global brands. Through the acquisition, Tobii Pro establishes its own office in the UK and gains access to direct sales in one of its primary markets. Tobii Pro will also be able to expand its research consultancy Tobii Pro Insight, serving the many global brands headquartered in the UK. Included in the deal, Tobii acquires analytics software for eye-tracking studies in VR environments.

“Acuity has been working closely with Tobii Pro since 2008 and has extensive knowledge of our eye-tracking products as well as the local market. By integrating our organizations, we aim to gain synergies and increase sales effectiveness in both solutions and services sales,” said Tom Englund, President of Tobii Pro. “I’m very pleased to welcome the Acuity teams to Tobii Pro and to continue our long-term relationship, now as direct colleagues.”

“Further, Acuity’s VR analysis software tool will become part of Tobii Pro’s product portfolio during 2018, allowing our customers to collect eye tracking data to analyze and visualize what people pay attention to in VR environments. This end-to-end solution will further strengthen Tobii Pro’s position in meeting the strong demand for eye-tracking studies in VR,” Englund continues.

Acuity ETS and Acuity Intelligence are based in Reading and together employ eight people. Net sales in the combined entities for 2016/2017 were approximately GBP 2 million, corresponding to approximately SEK 22 million. Under the terms of the agreement, the acquisition will be finalized later this month, and the process of integrating the operations will begin immediately. The payment will be paid with cash at hand. Additional financial information will be disclosed in Tobii’s interim report for the first quarter 2018.