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Innovation in Eye-Tracking

industry news

Some new eye tracking products and solutions are presented at the CES 2018. The latest research achievements of eye tracking technology are introduced as follows.

aGlass DK II

aGlass DK II is the first commercial eye tracking product adopting deep learning techniques in the market. It is designed as a plug-in form, which can be plugged and played, and it is natively compatible for HTC Vive. aGlass DK II can make eye tracking of full vision in VR equipment. Its tracking precision is less than 0.5° with latency less than 5ms, which has reached the world leading level. In addition, myopic lens of 200°, 400° and 600° can be plugged in. With multiple functions, such as foveated rendering and gaze based interaction, it can be applied to eye virtualization for socialization, eye movement analysis and iris in-vivo detection.

The First AR Eye Tracking Solution

Eye movement and gaze are essential to Augment Reality (AR). 7invensun has introduced the cutting edge eye tracking technology to the realm of AR. Integrated into AR goggles, eye tracking modules can know user's eye movement such as fixation point, pupil radius, blink, wink etc. It will be used for gaze based natural interaction, consumer behavior analysis and intelligent secure payment.

Mobile Phone Unlocking via Attention Aware Features

Unlock the phone instantly by simply gazing at the phone, you can understand it in this way. When the user's gaze point falls upon the screen area, the phone assumes the user intents to unlock the phone, therefore, unlocks itself. The phone stays locked otherwise. Utilizing eye tracking technology, 7invensun's solution is independent of facial presence while featuring in-vivo detection. 7invensun's eye tracking based in-vivo detection approach is robuster and more effective than traditional biometric approaches. Depending on the interest of the developer, 7invensun's eye tracking techniques could also be combined with facial and iris recognition.

Eye Alarm Solution

Eye alarm solution is developed for users who are suffered from mobility incapability. When users look at it for more than three seconds, the alarm mechanism will be triggered with light and audio feedback. With the uncalibrated technique, users can operate it simply and fast. Moreover,  it can collect user's eye movement data and analyze the user's physical condition through these data.

aSee Pro Eye Tracker

aSee Pro remote eye tracker adopts gaze tracking algorithm based upon the 3D model of human eyes, supports tracking gaze points within the distance of 55cm-80cm accurately. It can provide a solid foundation for eye movement research, allowing users to move their heads freely. This product has two sampling rates of 90Hz and 140Hz, and it also providesDevelopment and OEM support.

aSee AIO

aSee AIO, specially designed for people with ALS, high paraplegia, cerebral palsy, is dedicated to helping patients to communicate with the outside world. aSee AIO is a combination of an eye tracker and a tablet computer featuring light weight and high portability.

About 7Invensun

7Invensun is a high-tech corporation dedicated in machine vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI), empowered by complete proprietary intellectual property rights. Since its foundation, the company has been focusing on R&D and innovation in eye tracking technologies, aiming to upgrade human-machine interactive experiences on all terminal devices.