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Introducing Tobii Pro Nano – a portable eye tracking solution for research in the field

By Cecilia Lago Albright
industry news

Tobii Pro launches Tobii Pro Nano: the world’s smallest research-grade eye tracker with a proven capability of tracking virtually anyone. Designed to use with portable screens, Tobii Pro Nano is ideal for researchers wanting to take their attention-based studies outside the lab environment, or for universities wanting to provide students with a portable research lab as part of their curriculum.

“We want to make eye tracking research more accessible and efficient to meet the growing demand for flexibility in terms of study locations. With Tobii Pro Nano, researchers and students now have access to a portable eye tracking lab and can head to an off-site location to collect eye tracking data in natural environments such as a mall, hospital or a university campus,” said Tom Englund, president Tobii Pro.

Tobii Pro Nano plugs into the USB port of a Windows laptop or tablet and after a quick calibration collects gaze data at 60 hertz (Hz). The data generated from the eye tracking provides unique insights on human behavior which is useful in research fields such as psychology, cognition, marketing, and behavioral economics.

“Hands-on learning is really effective, and the portability of Tobii Pro Nano lets me easily involve my students in the whole process of an eye tracking study from the theoretical knowledge to the practical use of this technology in their own experiments. Today’s marketing researchers need to move out of the lab to find answers to their questions and Tobii Pro Nano gives you the ability to combine the strengths of a lab with field studies,” said Poja Shams, Assistant Professor, Karlstad University, Sweden, where his research focus is consumer decision making and visual attention in the retail environment.

Tobii Pro Nano joins Tobii Pro’s broad portfolio of research tools. Like Tobii Pro’s other eye trackers it integrates with the analysis software - Tobii Pro Lab – which is used to design the studies, analyze the collected data and visualize the results. Other biometric data streams such as EEG and GSR (galvanic skin response) can be synchronized with the eye tracking data for a deeper understanding of human behavior.  

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