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Tribal Worldwide expands neuromarketing capabilities by collaborating with NeuroTrend

By Carla Nagel
industry news

Neuroscience technology company NeuroTrend has announced its Asian expansion by way of Singapore through a collaboration with Tribal Worldwide.

Both companies will jointly launch the Neuromarketing Consumer Insights Lab in Singapore with offerings extended across Asia, providing clients with scientific neuromarketing research.

This is part of a new suite of tools for Total ExperienceTM (TX), a customer experience consulting offering by Omnicom-owned Tribal.

Participants who take part in the lab’s exercises will be fitted with non-invasive hardware such as an eye tracker, a wireless headset, a polygraph, and a facial reader camera. The hardware will collect an integrated set of signals from the brain, eye movements, facial expressions, and other physiological measurements.

NeuroTrend will then analyse the data with its proprietary neuroscience complex software and algorithms enhanced by artificial intelligence, with a focus on the parameters of interest, emotions, attention, and memory.

The company is already working with the likes of Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo, Pfizer, and Philip Morris. It aims to build more marketing labs over the next few months in South East Asia.

“Tribal Worldwide is constantly innovating and offering new technologies and products to better serve our clients,” said Leslie Goh, the chief operating officer at Tribal Worldwide Asia.

“The Neuromarketing Consumer Insights Labs offers scientific neuromarketing research for the web, product, and even traditional and concept testing, giving brands a better understanding of content consumption behaviour. These insights and data intelligence help us to optimise and enhance the product that we create before it goes out to the market, therefore driving marketing effectiveness and impact for clients.”