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Phillip Lomax, Early Uber Eats Member, to Join MediaScience, Ventures into Neuromarketing

By MediaScience©
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Phillip Lomax, Early Uber Eats Member, to Join MediaScience, Ventures into Neuromarketing

AUSTIN, Texas - MediaScience© today announced that Phillip Lomax, an early Uber Eats member and Senior Enterprise Account Executive, will be joining MediaScience as Senior Vice President of Business Development effective February 2020. Lomax will develop strategic partnerships and lead the sales organization for the Neuromarketing firm.

Until recently, Lomax served as Senior Enterprise Account Executive for Uber Eats. He established partnerships with some of the largest restaurant franchisees in the US and represented Uber at the Global Restaurant Leadership Conference in Singapore and the National Restaurant Association in 2019. As an early member of Uber Eats, Lomax and his wife, Dahee Kim, launched Uber Eats in the majority of the Pacific Northwest, Sacramento, Houston, and other markets across the US for the tech giant. As a founding member of the Enterprise team he established some of the first partnerships with strategic brands across the US, implemented partnership strategies across the Eats organization, and led sales trainings for new hire classes. His partnerships generated over $130M in recurring revenue for the tech giant. Through Uber, Phillip attended Harvard Business Schools Executive Education curriculum for 3 years focused on Leadership and Strategy and was sponsored and mentored by a member of the Eats Executive Leadership Team.

Prior to Uber, you may have seen Phillip as a finalist on Foxs The X Factor USA where he finished 4th in the Mens category on Simon Cowells talent competition. His rendition of Please Dont Stop the Music performed to Rihanna, herself, was an overnight sensation that wowed the Pop Idol.

"Phillip is an exceptional individual. From the moment I met him, I could tell that he was truly a once in a generation salesman. He accomplished amazing achievements during his tenure at Uber Eats - and he has truly exciting plans for MediaScience. We're thrilled to welcome him on board," said Dr. Duane Varan, Founder and CEO of MediaScience.

"My tenure at Uber was a tremendous learning experience and I look forward to implementing my ability and passion for growing brands and scaling businesses at MediaScience," said Lomax. "Dr. Varan has become a mentor and a friend to me since meeting in Rome at the Neuromarketing World Forum, and I look forward to diving into the emerging technology and research field of Neuromarketing to better serve our partners with informed marketing and branding decisions based on biometric and neurological measurements. In today's market, a short-sided perspective is reigning prevalent for brands, marketers, and advertisers with much of their decisions based on quantitative data - with MediaScience we can finally understand the second half of the story, qualitative data - how consumers feel about your brand and if they remember you or not and why?"

MediaScience is a provider of lab-based audience research, incorporating a range of neuro-measures including biometrics, analysis of facial expressions, eye-tracking, response-latency testing, EEG, and more. With state-of-the-art labs across Chicago, New York, and Austin, MediaScience is creating key insights on emerging digital technology, media, and consumer trends.