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First Neuromarketing Lab Opened in North Macedonia

By Carla Nagel
industry news

AREL NEUROMARKETING™ is a new neuromarketing lab, opened in the republic of North Macedonia. The idea behind the foundation of AREL NEUROMARKETING™ is to give companies the opportunity to improve the communication between their brands and consumers by exploring the subconscious reactions and emotions of consumers triggered by particular marketing stimuli

Founder Jasna Stoimirovska Velichkov has a BA (Hons) in Economics and MSc in International Management from Oxford Brookes University (UK). In addition, she studied Psychology at the Department for Continuing Education - University of Oxford (UK), worked for The Nielsen Company, Oxford (UK) as client manager and as a Market Insight manager at Surrey County Council (UK) – Procurement and is the founder of AGRAR Ko (North Macedonia) food production and trade.

AREL NEUROMARKETING™ uses leading technology and software for integrating our physiological and neuroscientific research. Their laboratory is equipped with: EEG, eye trackers (screen, glasses, VR), GSR, ECG, EMG, and fascial coding tools. Services are grouped into six categories:

1. Evaluation of advertising campaigns (video, digital, printed)
2. Brand development (design, packaging, positioning)
3. Sales optimization (shopper experience, promotions, competitive advantage)
4. Digital transformation (websites, online shops, social media)
5. Product/service testing (FMCG, applications and games, UI/UX), and
6. Education (seminars, training, lecturing). 

More information at: www.neuromarketing.mk

The project is co-financed by the Fund for innovations and technology development of R. of North Macedonia.