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New: Neuromarketing Fundamentals Exam

By Carla Nagel
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New Neuromarketing Fundamentals Exam to be launched Spring 2021 

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The NMSBA sees a need for a form of certification for those who would like to prove (and/or) improve their knowledge about neuromarketing. As of 2021, the NMSBA will provide an online exam with a certification opportunity.

To get the Neuromarketing Fundamentals Certification, participants need to pass an exam that proves they understand the fundamentals of neuromarketing:

  • Candidates should be able to give an overview of the field, the most common technologies
  • Candidates have knowledge about the background on the brain and physiological systems necessary for understanding how they work in the context of decision making
  • Candidates understand the mechanisms that govern our perception and experience

The candidate gets 45 questions during the exam, which should be passed with a success rate of 70% to receive the certificate ‘NMSBA Neuromarketing Fundamentals’. 

Material and Deadlines

The exam will be based on the textbook ‘Consumer Neuroscience’ (Cerf/Garcia-Garcia et.al.), which consists of 16 chapters with relevant topics about neuromarketing, like attention, memory, emotions, decision making, methodology and much more.

Reviewing Board

The exam is co-created with a lot of volunteers from the NMSBA community, the NMSBA internal team, and the exam reviewing board. The NMSBA Exam Reviewing Board is responsible for the final approval of the set of questions. The following individuals form the reviewing board:

  • Prof.dr.ir. Ale Smidts (professor of marketing research and director of RSM's Erasmus Center for Neuroeconomics)
  • Kimberly Rose Clark, Ph.D. (Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Psychological & Brain Sciences)
  • Prof. dr. Moran Cerf (Neuroscientist and Business Professor at the Kellogg School of Management and the Neuroscience Program at Northwestern University, editor of the book ‘Consumer Neuroscience’)
  • Manuel Garcia-Garcia, Ph.D (Global Head of Neuroscience at Ipsos, and editor of the book ‘Consumer Neuroscience’)