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Shimmer Research Launches NeuroLynQ@Home Platform to Enable At-Home, Online Psychophysiological Neuromarketing Research

By Shimmer Research
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 NeuroLynQ@Home™ assesses participants’ emotional responses to a wide variety of entertainment, advertisements, marketing materials, and other stimuli in their own home

Shimmer Research, a global leader in wearable technology for research applications, today announced the launch of its NeuroLynQ@Home remote psychophysiological monitoring system, allowing participants’ emotional responses to entertainment and marketing materials to be evaluated from comfort of their own home.

NeuroLynQ@Home assesses participants’ psychological and emotional arousal level using a galvanic skin response (GSR) sensor, which measures changes in sweat gland activity. It also tracks their heart rate using a photoplethysmogram (PPG) sensor, which uses light absorption to measure changes in blood volume in their capillaries. These indicators provide moment by moment assessment of the participants’ emotional response to different stimuli.

“These metrics can be used to evaluate participants’ responses to almost any kind of stimuli, including TV ads and programs, website content, and even ethnographic experiences at home. NeuroLynQ@Home’s ease of use, accuracy, and scalability will make neurometric research much more accessible, accelerating the adoption of this valuable intelligence in mainstream marketing research,” said Geoffrey Gill, president of Shimmer Americas. 

Shimmer developed this in-home application in partnership with MediaScience™, a leading media research company, that has launched STREAMPULSE NEURO™, a neurometric in-home panel powered by NeuroLynQ@Home technology. “We share Shimmer’s enthusiasm for applying neurometric research more broadly and exploring neuromarketing’s full potential through this technological advance. By creating this in-home consumer panel for our clients, we provide access to conduct quality, real-time media research turning living rooms into neuro labs,” said Dr. Duane Varan, CEO of MediaScience.

“The use of Shimmer metrics in-home enables the industry to have accurate response measurements, especially to programming and advertising in the most natural consumption settings,” said Elissa Moses, partner at MediaScience/HARK Connect™. “We also layer qualitative follow-ups using our HARK Connect online platform for a comprehensive understanding of the STREAMPULSE NEURO consumer response.”

“Shimmer is very excited to work with MediaScience to launch NeuroLynQ@Home. Out of the gate, we can provide top-notch turnkey services together,” said Mr. Gill. 

Technology Overview

NeuroLynQ@Home is easy to use. Each panelist simply attaches the NeuroLynQ sensor to their wrist, the PPG sensor to their index finger and GSR electrodes to their middle and ring fingers. Velcro wraps hold each piece comfortably in place. A Bluetooth dongle inserted into a USB port on their computer transmits data in real time from the NeuroLynQ@Home sensors to the researcher’s network for analysis. Results are clear and easy for researchers to interpret.

Additional information about the new NeuroLynQ@Home system can be found at https://www.NeuroLynQ.com.

About MediaScience

MediaScience is a private media research company offering in-home and in-lab studies. Its studies cover audience and consumer trends on multiple platforms including mobile apps, video games, online publications, wearable technology like virtual reality headsets, trending TV shows, and television broadcast in real-time from sports to politics. Its HARK Connect division specializes in Qualitative Research with the StreamPulse™ Panel in-home, online and in facilities. For more information contact www.mediasciencelabs.com or www.harkconnect.com.

About Shimmer Research

With customers in more than 75 countries, Shimmer Research (www.shimmersensing.com) is a leading wearable technologies services and sensor manufacturing company based in Dublin, Ireland. Shimmer is focused on three business areas: neuromarketing, clinical research, and academic research. Its flagship NeuroLynQ platform is rapidly becoming the de facto standard for neuromarketing research. For more information, visit www.NeuroLynQ.com.