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'Nudging' Partnership for Belgian Firms

By Carla Nagel
industry news

Belgian companies One Inch Whale and Color Navigator have launched a joint venture, Research & Visual Nudging, which will combine insight techniques with the patented Color Navigator system to enhance services including predictive intelligence and neuromarketing.

One Inch Whale was launched in autumn 2019 by two former employees of multisensory research firm Haystack, Wim Hamaekers and Jasper Scheir, and promises to help people and brands to be 'relevant and sustainable'. Color Navigator combines patented scientific color intelligence with AI and creative skills to create and refine impactful brands.

The firms say they have already worked together for more than a year, but will now take the partnership to the next level, offering 'more tangible and predictive insights' and helping clients to impact unconscious consumer behavior.

Hamaekers comments: 'We map unconscious consumer behavior and indicate how you can influence this with the right visual communication and hierarchy. This approach is groundbreaking and unique in the world'. For Color Navigator, Thierry Lescrauwaet adds: 'Color and its associations play a key factor in the decision-making process, but are heavily underestimated by many companies. Color Navigator is the first company in the world that specializes in the predictive role of color in communication, packaging, branding, etc. In combination with market research and the methodology of One Inch Whale in particular, we managed to crack some of the neuromarketing code'.

Web sites: www.oneinchwhale.com and www.colornavigator.net .