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“There is nothing more practical than a good theory." (Leonardo da Vinci) This could be the motto of our editorial team. They scrutinize each Insight Magazine submission and make sure the articles presented are sound and relevant to our audience.

Carla Nagel heads the Insights Magazine editorial team. The team consists of an editorial board (experts from both industry and academia):

  • Melanie E. Bednar (Strategic Demand Director for Central Eurasia, Belarus & Turkey, Mars)
  • Gemma Calvert (Professor of Consumer Neuroscience, Nanyang Business School, NTU; Founder, Split Second Research Ltd)
  • Ana Iorga (CEO and Chief Scientist, Buyer Brain)
  • Michelle Niedziela (VP of Research & Innovation, HCD Research)
  • Anil V. Pillai (Director, Terragni Consulting Ltd)
  • Michael E. Smith (Principal Scientist and Founder, Adaptation Research)
  • Tomasz Soluch (Behaviour Prediction & Insights Manager, Fonterra)

They are supported by a great group of reviewers:

The Reviewing Procedure

The editorial procedure for Insights Magazine involves multiple layers of review to ensure the quality and validity of the content.

First, the editors perform a preliminary review to check for any copyright issues and consistency checks using general guidelines for evaluation.

Then, a blinded copy is sent to the review team. They will check the content for key factors such as clarity and usefulness, news value, readability, relevance, and educational value.

Finally, the editorial board members perform a thorough evaluation, including an assessment of scientific validity, to ensure that the content meets the highest standards of accuracy and scientific rigor. These multiple layers of review help ensure that the published content is both valuable and trustworthy for our audience of marketers, purchasers of neuromarketing research, neuromarketing practitioners, and academic researchers.

Authors will receive feedback within 4 weeks after submission.